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The micKing 1100 is built to provide pro functionality in a portable package. Continuing with the use of the world's strongest boom clutch and innovative lever lock systems, this stand maintains the micKing's stellar strength reputation. For portability we've designed a new patent pending weighted Symmetric Torque Tripod Base that ensures tripod legs never go bad or droop while tilted. To counterbalance a wide range of microphone weights we developed a new patent pending stacking counter weight system featuring 1, 2, and 4 pound weights (2lb included). To boost performance we've included precision ram formed mounting points reducing weight in both the boom clutch and mic threads. The MK1100 shines extremely well for venues, touring, and in-studio as a vocal boom, drum overhead, or a general room mic.

With the Spin Grip mic mount, you can easily place your microphones at angles unavailable to traditional mic stands, adding the flexibility to work around isolation shields and more accurately position drum overheads. An included thread extender keeps unwieldy mic designs from cramping your style. Looking for the most flexibility from your microphone collection?

Latch Lake Xtra Booms make a great addition to your micKing 1000 stand. You can actually mic an entire drum kit (toms, kick, and overheads) using the same stand, or throw an array of mics on a guitar cab and cherry-pick your favorites after the fact. Each Xtra Boom comes complete with an Xtra Boom clutch, which is strong enough to hold 7 lbs. at close to full extension. The included Latch Lake Lever adjusts boom arms 360 degrees for optimum mic placement. Say goodbye to multiple clunky mic stands surrounding your drum kit or other instruments in the studio, thanks to Latch Lake Xtra Booms!