99.00 (€80.49 + IVA) Pré-venda

Debuting at just $99, the LCT 040 MATCH offers the definition and pinpoint accuracy for which the celebrated LCT range is known, but with a new stripped-back, ergonomic design for maximum positioning flexibility even in the most restricted spaces. Inside the compact and sturdy metal housing, the custom-designed capsule is optimized with instant transient response for the natural qualities of acoustic instruments; ranging from acoustic guitars to drums and strings, every moment is captured in fine, crisp detail, with pleasant high-end. Delivering the same exact performance and flexible functionality, the LCT 040 MATCH stereo pair retails for just $189. To guarantee flawless matching, we're using a custom-developed process which extensively analyses the microphones and couples those exhibiting identical behavior. This introduces new possibilities for studios striving to achieve the best possible stereo recordings of drum overheads, acoustic guitars or even choirs for a price not normally associated with this degree of precision.

Especificações técnicas

Tipo: Microfone condensador, permanentemente polarizado
Princípio acústico: Gradiente de pressão
Diâmetro Transdutor: 17mm
Padrão de polaridade: Cardióide
Sensibilidade (IEC 60268-4): 18.8 mV/Pa, -34.5 dBV/Pa
Ruído de fundo (IEC 60268-1): 20 dB (A)
SPL Máximo (IEC 60268-4): 135 dB @ 0.5% THD
Gama dinâmica (IEC 60268-1): 115 dB
Impedância (Internal/Load): 203Ω / 1000Ω
Alimentação & Consumo (IEC 61938): Phantom Power +48V (±4V), 7.2mA
Medidas: 24x83mm
Peso: 44.6g