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A note about privacy

When we put our minds to designing and building our online store we approached the issue the same way we approach studio design. Designing a studio is more than having good acoustics, everything must be well thought out so you have good power, good audio signals going everywhere, awesome line-sights for all rooms, easy load ins and loud outs for gear, and so on. Above all, building a studio is and should be with functionality and practicality in mind. And that’s what we focused on while building this online store.

So what makes this website different? First of all, we might be missing some of the eye-candy and flashy design features compared to other stores just because we wanted to make the experience blazingly fast. Why? We just hate slow websites, they’re a pain to deal with if you’re just checking some price or need quick info about a piece of gear. Our top priority is to make your experience as practical as possible so we optimize everything to make product pages load fast. Also, stuff like searching for items is and should be pretty much instantaneous on our store. We’ve also designed the store to have the main categories always visible so you can quickly navigate everywhere. Plus, we’ve made it so you can have categories that are actually meaningful to a pro audio engineer. Looking for that specific diode-bridge compressor? There’s a category for that. Or are you looking for a tube EQ? There’s also a place for that. We’ve tried to make the categories actually useful to help you navigate this online store.

Secondly, we know most pro audio engineers and gear nerds are always on their phones so we made this website to have the same exactly functionality wether you’re in your control room computer or on your smartphone. The mobile website is the same as the desktop one, it’s fast and every function is there. It’s just everything’s is slightly re-arranged so it can fit your smaller screen, that’s it!

Last, but something that’s really important to us, we take privacy seriously! We believe there’s no valid reason for a website to track you without consent and - to be honest - even if consent is given we still don’t like the idea of following your every click or interaction on our website. The tracking metrics we can extract from your visit on our store are not worth more to us than your privacy. And that’s the reason we don’t even ask for your consent about cookies, it’s because we’re not tracking you in the first place. So feel free to visit and use our website as you please, we’ll have no option to find who you are or what your visiting on our website. We’re not tracking and we’re not storing cookies on your computer for that. We have some analytics going on but all of them are non identifying of a person. So basically we can know which products are seen the most, or in which time zones users are visiting from, or if they’re using Chrome or Safari but all of those can’t be tracked to an individual visitor.

In fact, the only way we can have your information is if you actually give it to us while doing a purchase or by chatting with us. A quick note about those two functionalities, the online store is only loaded if you add a product to your cart. And while we’re still not tracking you if you’re buying products, we’re complying to GDPR laws when you make a purchase since we’ll have some of your data by that point. You have to give us your name and the address, for instance, so we can actually sell you stuff. Both our online store platform and invoicing software are GPDR compliant, so rest assure, we’re complying.

Also, the online chat is encrypted and secure, and even if you’re using it we can’t know anything about you unless you voluntarily give us that information. This was a though one to find since most chat and chatbots apps track you but we found a solution we’re hosting ourselves that only allows for secure chatting between the visitors and ourselves with nothing else. So you can chat securely with someone on our team knowingly we’re not tracking you and we don’t have any idea of who you are or where your based at.

Our efforts to make everything fast and private don’t end there, for instance, we’re using system fonts for the online store because they’re already installed on your computer so they’re the fastest and most private ones to use. We’re also not relying on Google for anything so they can’t follow you while you’re on our store - that means we don’t have anything such as Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Google Fonts, etc. We do embed YouTube videos on our store but they’re loaded in privacy mode which means that only if you play them Google will see your info, otherwise they’re not tracking you.

All in all, we hope our efforts to make this website secure, private and fast will make your visit here as enjoyable as possible. Let us know if you have any questions about this or anything else, we’re here to help!